Frequently Asked Questions


  • What is Statizex?

    In Simple words it’s Simplified and Pocket friendly. Statizex(STAT) trading platform is a complex method that allows to simplify work on exchange at lowest fees, and decrease losses in case of unsuccessful trades. Statizex (STAT) creates the necessary conditions for transparency, convenience and simplicity with minimal risks for traders. Fast and reasonable cryptocurrency deposit/withdrawals increases the likelihood of its introduction into everyday life by dropping the barriers to entering cryptology. With the Statizex trading platform risks associated with trading are falling, allowing traders to save finances in case of errors. In this document you will be acquainted with the features of the Statizex trading platform.

  • How to resgister?

    1.Please visit Statizex official website:, and click the "Register" 2. On the registration page, please follow the instructions and insert your email address and password. (password is the combination of numbers and letters) 3. You will receive a verification email, please log in your registered email inbox to confirm. 4. Click on the "Verify Email" button to confirm your registration 5. After you log in your account, for the account safety reason, please enable the 2-factor authenticator. (Google 2FA)

  • Forgot Login Password!

    Step 1: Click "Forget password?" on the login page. Step 2: Input your E-mail address and click "send". Step 3: Now you can set a new login password. Please make sure the password is complicated enough and saved properly.

  • Google 2fa Code Invalid

    If the Google 2FA code is invalid, it may be caused by the following factors. 1 Please ensure you enter the 2FA code for the correct account if multiple accounts 2FA bound to one phone. 2 The Google 2FA code is only valid for 30 seconds, please be sure to enter it within 30 seconds. 3 Please ensure the time of Google Authenticator App on your phone is synchronized with the time of the Google server

  • Delist a Token

    Statizex is dedicated to providing our investors with the most reliable projects and can get involving the crypto investment in a long run. We shall remain our rights to delist a token when the following conditions are met: 1. Token dissolved. 2. Project bankrupted. 3. The project team requested for delisting at Statizex based on strategic issues and concerns. 4. Serious and irreversible technical issues. 5. Token did not meet the trading volume criteria and performance index during the observation period when it was assigned to the special treatment area. 6. Maliciously marketing manipulation. 7. Fork without prior notification. 8. Any other matters that the project is at high risk investment circumstances. The delisting conditions shall comply with the consequences of a token’s performance which was assigned to the special treatment area. We shall take the following step to do delist process: 1. 30 days notification to user in advance of the delisting. 2. Turn off deposit and trading to the target token. 3. Open withdrawals to all users till the token is completely delisted.

  • How to Complete Identity Verification

    1. Please visit Statizex official 2. Please go to Profile click Identity Verification 3. Based on the issuing country of your ID documents, please choose a valid ID type. For most of the users, you can choose the passport, ID card or driver’s license